A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is my submission for the #LowRezJAm2016. It's a small game based on one of my old librarys.

The lets you make jam in a jar in low rez. See what I did there? Pun intended.

I've completed the game now. :o)

If you don't trust my binaries then you can compile following the instructions below. Otherwise there are windows and linux binaries below. No Mac. Sorry.


You'll need to install sdl2, sdl2_image, sdl2_ttf and sdl2_mixer before the compile will work. Good luck!

Install instructions


Just unzip the file and run (double click) lowrezjam.exe

I haven't managed to sign the .exe yet so you will get a warning about this. Just click "More info" and "Run anyway" to bypass. I'm working on fixing this right now.


There's a readme regarding the libs in the linux tar ball. Just read that.


LowRezJam.zip 1 MB
LowRezJam.tar.gz 283 kB

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